Together towards a sustainable future

Al-Dabbagh Group is a family conglomerate, established in 1962 with over 80 companies in 62 countries.

We take a decentralised approach to sustainability to allow each portfolio company the freedom to focus on the issues that matter in their industry and locations. The whole group is guided by our sustainability goal to be Nature Positive by 2030 and underpinned by our philosophy of Omnipreneurship.

Our Sustainability Goals


Omnipreneurship Award Winner Announcement

Summer 2022

The $1m 2021 Omnipreneurship Award will be announced this summer. This year’s challenge, set by Petrolube, is focused on the circular economy. Echoing the success of Tanmiah’s circular business model innovations, Petrolube asks how used vegetable cooking oil can be transformed into new uses, giving it a second life that’s better for the environment and the business.


Liters of water Tanmiah Food Company, part of Al-Dabbagh Group, recycles and reuses annually.
Solid waste recycled at all Red Sea International sites.
Reduction in the carbon footprint of Petrolube, part of Al-Dabbagh Group.

Case Study

Petromin Express: Water Efficiency

Upgrading to 25x more water efficient technology across our entire network
How we did it

Case Study

Dukan: Responsible Retail

Creating a more sustainable shopping experience
How we did it

Case Study

Tanmiah: Circular Business Model

Growing nature-based solutions to climate, waste and water
How we did it