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Established in 1962, Al-Dabbagh Group now has 15,000 colleagues across 89 companies in 62 countries. Each of our seven strategic business portfolios has a flagship company, and our sectors include: food, housing, mobility, packaging, ed-tech, retail and incubation companies. Al-Dabbagh Group is governed by our home-grown philosophy of Omnipreneurship.

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As at December, 2021

Our Portfolio Sustainability Highlights

Tanmiah logo



Established in 1962 has grown to become a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of food and agricultural products with a team of more than 2,000 people and is listed on the Saudi Arabian stock exchange, Tadāwul.
Petromin logo



Petromin is a leading lubricants and automotive services company in Saudi Arabia operating four lines of business: oil lubricants, car servicing (Petromin Express), fuel retailing and car dealerships. With more than 5,000 colleagues, Petromin exports its products to over 40 countries in the GCC, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
FPS – Flexible Packaging Solutions logo


FPS – Flexible Packaging Solutions

FPS - Flexible Packaging Solutions is a leading supplier of industrial packaging products that works to create sustainable value for colleagues, customers, and the environment.
Red Sea International logo


Red Sea International

Red Sea International is a listed construction business, focusing on modular buildings for various real estate and industrial sectors, affordable housing and supplying building material solutions. Operating in Middle East, Africa and Asia, Red Sea International employs 2,000 people.
Dukan logo



Dukan is a chain of neighborhood stores dedicated to changing the grocery shopping experience in Saudi Arabia. One of the few stores dedicated to recycling and where you can find reusable shopping bags.
Primo logo



PRiMO is a 24/7 convenience store present in fuel stations across Saudi Arabia. PRiMO exemplifies the true meaning of a locally trusted brand with high-quality consumer products for customers daily needs. It has established the benchmark for convenience store retail businesses in Saudi Arabia with its simple easy-to-navigate stores, smart products and solutions, and special services.
Philanthropy University logo


Philanthropy University

With the knowledge that locally-led organizations are often the most effective, Philanthropy University is a free online learning platform for social change that puts practical courses and knowledge-sharing communities just a click away. It recently merged with One Valley, a global entrepreneurship company and is part of our technology investment portfolio.
Green Investments logo


Green Investments

Green Investment Retail Holding is a consolidation of all ADG's potential retail companies. Its current goal for the existing subsidiaries is to rethink Saudi Arabian Grocery Retail.

Our Incubator Portfolio Highlights

Electromin logo

Power Solutions


Electromin is a leading Electric Vechicle (EV) solutions provider in Saudi Arabia they are instrumental in building the regional EV infrastructure.
Saed logo

Human Capital Solutions


Saed is a leader in innovative workforce solutions. Every day, we connect more people to meaningful work across a wide range of sectors.
BARQ Systems logo

IT Services

BARQ Systems

BARQ Systems is a leading regional IT services provider that serves business and government clients across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). They implement and maintain proven and scalable data and telecommunication infrastructure solutions.
Hydromin logo

Power Solutions


Hydromin is a new business exploring the future of hydrogen power in the Middle East as an alternative to the conventional energy sources of the region.
IPD logo

Project Delivery & Management


IPD (International Project Developers Group) was founded in 1999. Its subsidiary companies are committed to provide world-class quality products and services to the construction, infrastructure, and project development sectors, primarily catering to a diversified set of segments such as power, oil & gas, education, analytical R&D and hospitality in the region.