Petromin: Local Employment

Saudization is an important part of building a more inclusive business, which helps take Al-Dabbagh Group closer to its 2025 target of being one of the top five wholly-owned family businesses contributing to the UN SDGs.

  • Reduced InequalitiesReduced Inequalities
  • Decent work and economic growthDecent work and economic growth

Saudi Arabians on the forecourt at Petromin

Within Saudi Arabia, Petromin has created a network of state-of-the-art gas stations. The Petromin family of businesses offer fuel refilling, car servicing, and tire checks as well as coffee shops and daily groceries from Primo.

Petromin operates 37 fuel stations in Saudi Arabia and 141 in Egypt. Petromin Gas Stations implemented a policy of Saudization by employing Saudi Arabian nationals as forecourt pump attendants in November 2020.

Petromin fuel stations across Saudi Arabia
The only fuel station network committed to employing Saudi Arabian nationals on all forecourts

The challenge

Recent reforms aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 are pushing for a shift towards Saudi Arabian nationals being employed in the private sector. Fuel stations like Petromin’s have traditionally been dominated by expatriate workers from India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Nepal.

Around 60% of the total population of some 35 million is made up of Saudi Arabian nationals. The challenge has been to get them into employment. This is particularly true for physically demanding jobs working in outside environments, like gas station forecourts.

The response and results

Petromin stations were no different but in 2021 a concerted effort in recruitment ensured that 34 Saudi Arabian Nationals were employed on the forecourts across Saudi Arabia. This recruitment drive means Saudi Arabian nationals now make up 10% of the total workforce at Petromin fuel stations and is set to continue over time.

This initial effort means Petromin has achieved NITAQAT green status which indicates a decent rate of Saudization within the employment population.

The target to have a Saudi Arabian national represented at each and every Petromin gas station in Saudi Arabia in early 2022.

Anecdotal feedback from customers is encouraging – they are happy and surprised to see Saudi Arabian nationals serving them on the forecourt, and their presence has led to increased customer interactions.