The World Economic Forum: What is Nature Positive?

In 2021 G7 leaders called for the world to become net zero and nature positive. Nature positive means enhancing the resilience of our planet and societies to halt and reverse nature loss. It has become a movement, with leaders from governments, businesses and civil society committing to action.

Nature positive is a disruptive idea. It forces us to think differently about our place in the world. It is a destination for humanity. It is a foundation for good governance, long-term stable societies and healthy economies. It is a philosophy that values our common future. And it is a new business model based on regeneration, resilience and recirculation – not destruction and pollution.

A nature positive goal is not some dream to be realized many generations from now: it is a goal for the next decade. And it is increasingly important.

As the World Economic Forum’s recent reports have found, more than half of the world’s GDP is highly or moderately dependent on nature, and opting for a nature-positive economy in key sectors could create 395 million jobs by 2030. We are likely to, therefore, pay a high price in the future for overlooking its importance in decisions made today.

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