Our Sustainability Team

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Our Group sustainability team convene regular meetings with portfolio CSOs and collate monthly reports on progress across the group.

Please contact us by email or at P.O Box 1039, Jeddah 21431, Saudi Arabia.


Our Sustainability TEAM

Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Patrick Meyer

Sustainability Program Director, Petromin Corp, VP Operations & Supply Chain, Petrolube

Salman Parwez

Project Manager, Dukan

Rima Hamiddan

Sustainability Lead, BARQ Systems

Passant Awadallah

Chief Sustainability Officer, Tanmiah Food Company

Muhammad Tariq

Strategy and Business Manager, Petromin Dealerships

Mohammad Arshad

Partnerships Development Manager, Primo

Mohammad Afandi

Petromin Express

Krishna Kaushik

Head of HR, PR & Acting CSO, IPD

Iyad Bader

CSO & People Management, BARQ Systems

Farah Swailam

Corporate Communication, Green Investments

Ella Alshuwayer

Environmental Manager & Acting CSO, Red Sea

Badar Joyo

Chief Strategy Officer, Tanmiah

Abbas Khan